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Alumni Spotlight on Christopher Pucella

Christopher Pucella

4 1/2 years of UB club rowing as a walk-on. I was a runner in HS, and was looking for a way to stay in shape in college. I also was somewhat afraid of water. Rowing offered me an opportunity to tackle my fear and stay in shape.

So many memories during my time on the team:

- spring training in Augusta was always great (except for the one year of fast water and bad weather)

- working the beer stand at the Bills games (as a Jets fan no less)

- the friendships that were made on the team, and the comradely that was shared. It was rare that I did anything social that didn’t involve teammates.

- Power darts. A game we invented my sophomore year to stay in shape while partaking in some adult beverages.

I am proud to have been part of the team during some of its most successful years. I am proud of how close I have remained with some of my teammates.

I am definitely proud of some of the teams that I have coached from West Side RC to any of the 5 colleges/university rowing programs that I had the privilege of leading. Being able to pass on what I learned as an athlete made me feel as though I had a strong positive impact on a number of student-athletes.

I think I am most proud with how the challenge of rowing in college allowed me to tackle other challenges in my life.

Undergrad- political science & African-American studies

Graduate - Social Studies Education

Occupation: I retired from full-time coaching a year ago to move closer to my 12 year old son. I now own my own business as a general contractor (I’m the only employee of said business).


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