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UB Rowing Alumni Spotlight on Rosa Kemp

Name: Rosa Kemp

Club or varsity: Varsity, back in the D-1 days!

Years rowed at UB: 4 (2009-2013)

Walk on or experienced: Experienced 

Favorite rowing memories: 1) The team's success my freshmen year which concluded with winning CAAs! 2) Learning that Terrell Owens lives in the penthouse suite. And too many others to list :)

Rowing accomplishment most proud of: Pursuing my passion to the furthest extent that I could despite how difficult the journey was.  

Major: Exercise Science

Current occupation: Still figuring this one out. 

Advice to current rowers: The energy and attitude that you show up with each and every day will either contribute to or detract from the team environment. Decide which impact you want to have. 


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