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Dock gets a much needed facelift

Our dock is finally in the water for the year!

It is odd for us, as we usually put it in after spring break sometime in March. This year that didn't happen. We didn't take our spring break trip, and our dock stayed on land. That also meant we delayed getting the repairs and additions that we had planned for this year.

We are so grateful that our UB Student Association is worked hard to help us complete this project. They got us approval to move ahead just last week. The company we worked with, Mahoney Dock Sales, was terrific in setting up a time and getting the job done. It wasn't an easy job either. Since our dock had been sitting all summer, a large number of bees decided it would be a great place to make nests. The two guys from Mahoney did a great job pushing through getting our dock on the water despite a few bee stings.

So what's new with our dock? The two gang ways are new. We are excited that these will make the transition down to the dock easier and safer for our rowers and boats. They also added stiff arms to the side to help hold the dock in place. Now it will only move up and down making it much more stable and again, easier for our rowers to use the dock.

Now we look forward to getting back on the water as a team. We remain hopeful to get back to the sport we love. That is some beautiful water!



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