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Meet Alumna Kate Stockon on Throwback Thursday

Name: Kate Stockton

Maiden name: Katy Frank

Varsity Years you rowed at UB: 1997-2001

Walk on or experienced: experienced, rowed at Burnt Hills 1993-1997

Favorite rowing memory/ies: There are just too many to name, but I'll always remember the sense of belonging I felt when I attended my first info meeting, and knowing that I found my family away from home for the next 4 years. Rowing on the Tonawanda Creek, I remember rigging the boats every morning, and being so impressed that our coxswains could navigate the windy, dark, icy and often foggy creek with (minimal) incident. Spring Break trips to Augusta were also the highlight of my time on the team. I've made lifelong friends and am so proud to have been part of this team.

What rowing accomplishment are you most proud of: Sophomore Year our Lightweight 8 won 1st at NYStates and 3rd at Dad Vails.

Major: Psychology and Communication

Current occupation: Sr. Student Services Administrator at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Advice to current rowers: The lessons you learn while on this team, will often prove more valuable than some you will learn in the classroom. "Many hands make light work" is a motto I have heard 1000s of times within the walls of many different boathouses. Each of you has something to contribute - whether it's brute strength, graceful balance, a strong voice, the ability to negotiate, organizational and business skills, a club crew team needs all of these skills. Learn from each other, and most of all - have fun!!


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