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Spotlight on UB Rowing Alumna Margaret Siller

Name: Margaret Siller

Were you club or varsity or both: Varsity

Years you rowed at UB: 2000-Fall 2003. My father passed away in January and was unable to row that final spring season

Walk on or experienced: Experienced. I rowed at West Side Rowing Club throughout highschool.

Favorite rowing memory/ies: The spring training we did down in Georgia at that kids’ summer camp. Even though the bus ride down there sucked…We had so much fun and got our butts kicked at the same time. It was awesome.

Major: Environmental Sciences with a minor in Physical Geography

Current occupation: Senior IT Quality Analyst at a local hospital and whitewater rafting guide. Each year me and 15 friends go row the grand canyon for 3 weeks in rafts vs shells, where I still put my rowing skills to work.

Advice to current rowers: Accept the rough hands and be proud of them! Show them off as a badge of honor.


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