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Spotlight on UB Rowing Alumna Sara-Ann Fox

Name: Sara-Ann Fox

Were you club or varsity or both: Varsity

Years you rowed at UB: 4

Walk on or experienced: Walk-on, one of the best decisions I have ever made

Favorite rowing memories: The sport of rowing changed my life and largely contributed to where I am today. It taught me the true meaning of hard work, built my confidence, allowed me to befriend amazing people and helped me in finding my husband. Yes that is right, I met my husband on the erg at our local gym. He rowed for Syracuse! We hope our future children love the sport as much as we do. Specific memories that I will cherish forever include winning the class race my junior year dressed as Miley Cyrus inspired wrecking balls. When my teammates and I would finish a tough workout and reward ourselves with Paula's donuts. Sitting in the coach's office getting advice and sharing a few laughs. All the traveling, laughs, adventures and fun times shared with teammates who turned into a second family for me.

What rowing accomplishment are you most proud of: Coming in second at CAA's my junior year! I also am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to give coaching a try during summers off with the Syracuse Chargers.

Major: Bio-medical sciences with a minor in pharmacology and toxicology

Current occupation: Doctor

Advice to current rowers: Enjoy every minute being part of something larger then yourself and never take your time as a rower for granted. Years out when you reflect, you won't remember the pain of hard workouts or drenching rain, you will remember the perseverance, laughs, connections you made and all the beautiful rows. Give it your all everyday and never ever give up on yourself.


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