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Spotlight on UB Rowing Alumni Benjamin King-Smith

Name: Benjamin King-Smith

Men's Club, Fall 2010 to Spring 2014 (Treasurer 2013 and 2014) .

Experienced (1 varsity year from Kingston High School, Kingston, NY).

Favorite memories being every spring break training trip. These were Oak ridge TN 2011, Marietta OH 2012, Clemson SC 2013, and Oak ridge TN 2014. In addition to the team trips, I truly enjoyed the friendships and comradery that was enhanced by after hour social events. To this day after my tenure with University at Buffalo, I am in close contact with a majority of them.

The accomplishment that I am most proud of was winning 1st in the novice 4 at States in spring 2011.

I was a geology major at UB.

Today I am a staff geologist for Golder Associates Inc and travel across the US more that 50% of the year while having my home base in Buffalo.

My advice to current rowers would be to become involved with the team leadership to become familiar with the logistics as it will provide translatable skills for real world project collaboration. I would emphasize to the students to seek and inquire for opportunities to research and intern from their alumni and departments. University provides students with academic tools, but the extracurricular experiences shows them how to use use the tools.


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