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Spotlight on UB Rowing Alumni Elton Parker


Elton Parker

Were you club or varsity or both:

Club Years you rowed at UB: 1992-1995 Walk on or experienced: Walk on. I really wanted to earn one of those aqua “UB Crew” jackets I saw on campus. Favorite rowing memory/ies: Too many positive memories on the water to pick a favorite. Too many great teammates to list (and imagine if you made a list and forgot someone, like someone you rowed a double with for two summers). Tonawanda Creek and the Erie Canal are beautiful to row on, especially in the fall. Seeing the mistakes everyone else was making while I demonstrated perfect technique in the bow. Morning weights. Amy’s Place breakfast. Not erg tests. What rowing accomplishment are you most proud of: At Buffalo, gold in the lightweight four at the NYS Championships. Maybe everyone feels this way, but I have a sense that I was part of Buffalo Rowing at a real moment of progress and growth. All of the teams achieved milestones during these years, and there was an amazing environment of mutual encouragement and support. I am proud that I was part of that and so pleased to see how vibrant the club is today. Major: Social Sciences Interdisciplinary – Environmental Studies Current occupation: In-house attorney: International Paper Company, Memphis, Tennessee. Advice to current rowers: Express gratitude where it is due. Coaches and club and team leaders are putting in effort on your behalf, and they deserve regular and sincere thanks (thanks Mazzones!) Juniors and seniors, make a thoughtful effort to support and encourage the less-experienced rowers. Invite them to some of your offseason workouts; congratulate them as they progress on the erg. If you can still get in after hours, running stairs in Furnas Hall > running stairs in Alumni Arena.


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