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Spotlight on UB Rowing Alumni Glen Abdelnoor

Name: Glen Abdelnoor

Were you club or varsity or both: Club

Years you rowed at UB: 1999 - 2003

Walk on or experienced: Walk on

Favorite rowing memory/ies: Definitely the Spring Training trips to Augusta! The rides down in the Student Association vans were always a blast. We trained hard and partied hard!

What rowing accomplishment are you most proud of: Two of them: Taking silver in our novice 8 at the Dad Vails in Philly, and winning US Nationals in the pair with Chris Pucella. Two boys from Brooklyn that convinced the West Side Rowing Club to let us use the pair boat since the 8 was already crewed.

Major: English

Current occupation: Charter Pilot

Advice to current rowers: Rowing is about 95% technique. Rowing clean and smooth is faster than being the best on the erg.


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