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Spotlight on UB Rowing Alumni James Susice

Name: James Susice

  • Were you club or varsity or both:

    • Men’s Club

  • Years you rowed at UB:

    • 2011-2013

  • Walk on or experienced:

    • Walk on

  • Favorite rowing memory:

    • During the spring season, our coach would hold additional, steady-state on the water practices for the varsity 8. Something about moving in sync for 2 hours, while the sun is out and you’re putting in the distance is just so serene, so peaceful and meditative. Well, I guess it’s between that and 3 seat accidently diving into the water after the coxswain toss.

  • What rowing accomplishment are you most proud of:

    • Winning a gold at states (open 4+)

  • Major:

    • Business

  • Current occupation:

    • Director of Sales | Arrowhead Spring Vineyards

  • Advice to current rowers:

    • You’re part of a team, embrace it. Never miss a practice, and support your teammates on and off the water.


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