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Spotlight on UB Rowing Alumni Matt Aiken

Name: Matt Aiken

Were you club or varsity or both: Club

Years you rowed at UB: 2000-2002

Walk on or experienced: Walk on

Favorite rowing memories: I have many great memories from my years on the team like morning boat rides with Joe and Tom my novice season, spring training, driving in the wonderful SA vans to the races, and all the fun times we had on and off the water. We trained and partied hard.

What rowing accomplishment are you most proud of: I have two of them. The first being selected by the team in 2001 as the most improved rower. It definitely meant a lot that my work on and off the water to improve was noticed and the Mr. T bobblehead as a award didn't hurt. The second was finishing second at the Head of the Ohio in 2002. but at the time losing the race by .1 sec hurt.

Major: Chemistry

Current occupation: Stay at home Dad but before my daughter was born, I worked as a brewer

Advice to current rowers: "One day I won't be able to do this but today isn't the day" is something that I tell myself these days when I start to hit the wall while running a half marathon


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