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Spotlight on UB Rowing Alumni Matt Logue


Matt Logue

Were you club or varsity or both?


Years you rowed at UB?

2000 - 2004

Walk on or Experienced?

Experienced.  I rowed at Canisius High School and the West Side Rowing Club during high school.

Favorite rowing memories?

Echoing what many Alumni have said before me, there really are too many to count.  Rowing on Tonawanda Creek was a special experience.  We had a great group of novices in 2000 and strong varsity leadership which led to a competitive and supportive team culture as well as many lifelong friendships.  Joe and Tom were great coaches that knew how to get the most out of us with the resources we had at the time and always had some great pre-race pep talks.  Working all of the Spring/Fest and other on campus concerts as “Crowd Control” always led to some great stories and experiences.  Running Buff’s during winter in Alumni Arena then attempting to play basketball.  The list goes on...



Current Occupation:

Executive Director of Three Rivers Rowing Association in Pittsburgh, PA.

Advice to current rowers:

Rowing doesn’t end when you graduate.  The lessons and experiences you have, both on and off the water, stay with you and help define you throughout your life.  Never take a moment on the water for granted or miss an opportunity to connect with a teammate.  Find the growth opportunities that are often veiled in frustration (or as land workouts) and embrace the challenging journey towards your goals with a positive mindset.  Always have an answer to the question - how did you grow today?


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