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Spotlight on UB Rowing Alumni Neil Gillott

Name: Neil Gillott

Were you club or varsity? Club

Years you rowed at UB: Fall 92 - spring 96

Walk on/experienced: Walk on

Favorite rowing memory: There are so many memories that I think back on- that feeling of being the first boat out on Tonawanda creek in the mornings- and getting the smoothest water, after practice breakfasts at Amy’s place, the spring break trips to Occoquan and Augusta going Plum Crazy, and my first real race at the Head of the Fish in the novice 4, rowing at sub-18 spm, having someone in the boat catch the most violent boat stopping crab, row out of it, then set the course record.. we knew at that point we had a solid group of guys. I am so appreciative of the coaches who volunteered their mornings, their afternoons, and everything in between. Joe K, Ted, Tom and Diane- many thanks go to you.. and everyone that I was able to row with for those 4 years.. met some amazing people who I’m still close with after all this time.

Rowing accomplishment most proud of: Summer of 95 winning nationals with West side

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Current occupation: Director of Contracts and Sales for a company providing technology solutions for libraries

Advice to current rowers: This was on the back of one of our shirts.. “That what does not kill you makes you stronger”. The work that you put in now to make the nine, or five (props coxswains) of you execute will pay off your whole life.. and NEVER take an 8:30am thermodynamics class during rowing season.. And never trust a lightweight



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