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UB Rowing Alumni Spotlight on Todd Vogt

Name: Todd Vogt

Years Rowed: 4 (1992-1996)

Walk On or Experienced Rower: Walk on

Favorite Rowing Memories: there are so many it’s hard to pick just one. Rowing on Tonawanda Creek. Eating breakfast at Amy’s Place after practice. Going to Augusta for spring break training. Training at West Side Rowing Club during the summers.

UB Rowing Accomplishments: From my UB days, I’m most proud of winning the4+ at the 1996 NYS Collegiate Championship.

Other Rowing Accomplishments: 3rd place club 4+ in 2004 Head of the Charles, 1st place in PR3 Mixed 4+ at 2019 World Rowing Cup 2 in Poznan, Poland. 6th place in PR3 men's 2- at 2019 World Rowing Championships in Linz, Austria.

Occupation: masters women’s coach at station l rowing club in Portland, Oregon, sort of. Only coaching a little bit now and training full time to earn a seat to go to Tokyo Paralympics next summer.

Advice: you're stronger and faster than you think you are. We had a great group of guys while I rowed and part of the reason we had any success is that we created a very competitive environment that forced you to push yourself harder than you might otherwise had done.


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