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UB Rowing Athlete of the Week Briggs Ragan

Name: Briggs Ragan

I am a freshman here at ub and am majoring in business administration.

I am an experienced rower I have been rowing since the 7th grade. I rowed for Saratoga rowing association.

I started rowing because a lot of my friends had picked up the sport and they convinced me to try it and I ended up loving it.

My favorite memory is from my freshman year of high school when I raced in a quad at nationals. I had so much fun with my teammates that trip and the race itself was a lot of fun even though we didn't do as well as we expected.

Through rowing, I have learned that you can always push yourself further. Rowing has definitely taught me a lot about perseverance and how to keep pushing my body physically and mentally even when you think you can't anymore.

What keeps me coming back is the great workout and camaraderie of the team. I love feeling the wind rush around as you row it really makes you feel alive.


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