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UB Rowing Athlete of the Week Ishmael Asad

Name: Ishmael Asad

Year in school: Sophomore

Major: Chemical Engineering

- I am an experienced rower, I rowed for 3 years in high school at Row America Rye before coming to UB.

- I first started rowing because my mom forced me to try it. I didn't want to at first, but once I started I soon developed a liking for it. Since then, I never looked back and continued rowing willingly all the way into college.


My favorite memory of rowing at UB was when we went to the Head of the Charles. It was fun competing with my teammates to get that seat in the boat, and the race itself was awesome and really competitive.

- Through rowing, I learned that I can really do whatever I believe I can do. Rowing helped me reach new boundaries and do things that I never thought I could. It taught me the idea of the self-fulfilling prophecy; If you convince yourself that something is true or something will happen, your beliefs will influence your behaviors and you will eventually make those beliefs come true.

- My favorite thing about rowing is its mental-strengthening effects. Waking up early every day and exercising introduces a strong discipline into your life and strengthens your willpower. These effects can really benefit all aspects of your life.


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