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UB Rowing Athlete of the Week Nico Rapini

Name: Nico Rapini

Year in school: Senior

Are you a walk on or experienced rower?

Walk on

Why did you start rowing?

I wanted to be apart of a team again and stay in shape. I also needed some structure coming into college.

What is your favorite memory?

Rowing in the rain for hours in Virginia with great friends.

What have you learned about yourself through rowing?

I learned that I am much stronger physically and mentally than I ever imagined. Rowing has made me into a better man in all aspects of my life. I now refuse to underestimate myself.

What is your favorite thing about rowing that keeps you coming back each day? Something about being on the water at 6am clears my head before a day full of classes and school work. Also, I met some amazing people and lifelong friends along the way.


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